SidePonyNation represents on “Funny or Die,” watch and judge

Walking down the street one fine sunny day.

Our new music video, “SugaWet” has been added to the website “Funny or Die.”There are some really funny videos on this site so hopefully we fair well…I feel to young to “die” really.

If your looking for a place to spend some time surfing, check it out

…and don’t forget…

Rock that pony to the side

SugaWet-SidePonyNation (Official Video)

And finally, here is the video you have all been waiting for. Believe it or not, this song was originally inspired by a doughnut…then we put some SidePonyNation in it, and now it is the sexy lil ditty you see today.

Special thanks goes out to our production crew because without them this wouldn’t have been possible!

TaCaGo & ly

SugaWet-SidePonyNation (Official Video)

SugaWet Video Premiere: This Saturday Feb, 5th!!!

Hello Friends,

We hope to see you at our Official Music Video Premiere Party on Saturday.

Party starts round 8pm @ LIT Espresso bar on College, just east of Ossington (810 College).

It’s BYOB, so bring a six pack, a bottle of wine or that moonshine you’ve been brewing in your basement and come party with your favourite SidePonyRockers!

We’ll have some tasty treats, some party favours and attractive peoples. Around midnight we’ll head down the street to MOD CLUB and dance the night away!

Check out our trailer in the below post if you’ve yet to been teased by all that is SugaWet.

Come Party with us!