New SidePonyNation Video: Ma Bicyclette

We shot a video this past sunday for a new song Andrew Huang (Songs to Wear Pants To) is coming out with. He brought along his friends ApprenticeEH to shoot the video, and we had one heck of a day, stumbling on random underpass skateparks, riding a bicycle built for two, getting permission to shoot in Dundas Square and we even got the cops involved. All in all, it’s going to be one heck of a video!

We had such a great time shooting with the crew, and you can watch the entire day unfold on the ApprenticeEh team VLOG Below.

Special thanks to SKIRT on Bloor for supplying our outfits: Check them at their Toronto location or online at Shopcastr.

And big thanks to Urbane Cycle for being so kind as to lend us a tandem bike.

The video should be out before the end of Bike Month (this month) so keep a look out for Ma Bicyclette to hit the airwves in the next few weeks!


TONIGHT: SidePonyNation on the Nat & Marie Show

Tonight is the night! Your favourite SidePony rockers are performing live on the only internet live stream show you need to watch!

We know it gives you naughty thoughts to think about watching SidePonyNation live on the interent…as it should. But you should definitely tune in to at 9pm tonight to see what we got for you! It’s gonna be awesome!

The DJ Romeo pre-show is on at 8:30 sharp, and the show starts at 9pm. Make sure your there!

Muchos Love!


SidePonyNation performs Thursday April 19th for Cabaret 375

Your Girls SPN are partnering with BackBurner Productions to bring you another awesome performance. It’s going to be at the Dominion on Queen Street East, and the event is called Cabaret 375!

Doors open at 7:30 and show starts at 8pm…it’s pay what you can, so bring your chequebook.

The Cabaret 375, featuring the performance talents of:

MC Ron Fromstein
Jeff Giles
Renee Odo
Matt Holmes
Guy Doucette!

Gonna be a great night. SPN has our boy BenJammin performing with us again…check out our band practice with him below to see what you can expect!

Come one come all, let’s have a ball!


SidePonyNation rocks the FOX! Thursday March 31st!

SidePonyNation returns to the Fox and the Fiddle in Waterloo!

You plus + us (=magic) at the Fox during The Bunny Hop on March 31st after ly sings the National Anthem at the Aftab Patla Memorial cup student x professor hockey game at CIF…. it’s the best time you will be able to have this week. Please do us all a favour and maximize your goodtime capabilities by joining us on Thursday evening. The potential is there, you must just be open to the opportunities presented to you at all times…life changing ones at that.

We are on 4 times between 7-11, dif shows each time (well similar but different) (probably). This will be a really fun show as the very first time we performed as SidePonyNation on stage was at the Fox during open mic! Just like Puff Daddy were, Coming Home, tell the world!

ly and T

SidePonyNation represents on “Funny or Die,” watch and judge

Walking down the street one fine sunny day.

Our new music video, “SugaWet” has been added to the website “Funny or Die.”There are some really funny videos on this site so hopefully we fair well…I feel to young to “die” really.

If your looking for a place to spend some time surfing, check it out

…and don’t forget…

Rock that pony to the side

SidePonyNation is Competitor of the week!

As most of you know we have entered the inDiscover Star Search! We have been promoting hard and all you amazing fans have been voting even harder! This week we got the TOP SPOT so the great peeps at inDiscover interviewed us! Please check it out here!

Also today is the last day to vote so please vote like you have never voted before!!! Vote here!

Thanks so much everyone! We’ll keep you posted on our progress!!!!