SidePonyNation @ Unit 102 – October 29th

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BOO! A Haunted Cabaret, by Back Burner Productions

What’s the scariest story you’ve ever been told? The one that left your skin tingling and your hair standing on edge? The one that made you look under your bed and check every corner of the closet before crawling into bed at night, and (gulp) turning off the lights. The one you still remember, years down the road, in vivid and terrifying detail.

Join us this (two days before) Halloween for the scariest stories ever told, by musicians, clowns, comedians, dancers, devisers, poets, painters, puppeteers, performance artists and more, in a celebration of the (haunted) arts!

Guy Doucette
Natalie Frijia
Zita Nyarady
Rebecca Perry
Zac Savage
Chris Rouse
SidePony Nation! (Tanya Casole-Gouveia and Ly Moffatt)
Sage Tyrtle
and more!