SidePonyNation performs TONIGHT at Comedy Bar

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Your girls are the musical act in Moniquea Marion’s monthly “C” Bomb show!

Lot’s of lady love, lady lumps and weiners….yes it’s a BYOM (Bring your own meat) BBQ. We’ll be bringing some weiners, and of course some zuchini as we are Flexitarians after all.

Join us!

Other performers include:
SKETCH by TWO WEIRD LADIES!! (Mandy Sellers & Laura Salvas)

A special performance from Mr. MITCHELL!!! (Cathy Paton)

IMPROV by NEW BECKY!!! (Sally Smallwood, Andrea Ballantyne, Chris Besler, Jason Donovan, Maria Hajigeorgiou, Courtney Walker, & Ryan Maule)


All this plus a FREE HOT DOG with ticket purchase for just $5!!!!

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Love yall!,

Tanya and Lynn

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