You Oughta BANG! Our latest Mash-up

Holler out ya’ll!
You may have had the opportunity hear one of our newest songs “Bangs are B-A-N-G-I-N-G,” that we released earlier this year. If not you can watch us performing it live here

We love to sing our own songs (of course) but have always been inspired by other great artist the world and this country has to offer. Therefore, we were playing around one day and came up with a new mash-up. A few hours later we had ourselves a music video and we just had to share it with everyone. So without further ado here is our latest Mash-up. Thank you Alanis for the amazing instrumentals!

Hearts and Hair-cuts,
lyMO & TaCaGo

SidePonyNation represents on “Funny or Die,” watch and judge

Walking down the street one fine sunny day.

Our new music video, “SugaWet” has been added to the website “Funny or Die.”There are some really funny videos on this site so hopefully we fair well…I feel to young to “die” really.

If your looking for a place to spend some time surfing, check it out

…and don’t forget…

Rock that pony to the side

SugaWet-SidePonyNation (Official Video)

And finally, here is the video you have all been waiting for. Believe it or not, this song was originally inspired by a doughnut…then we put some SidePonyNation in it, and now it is the sexy lil ditty you see today.

Special thanks goes out to our production crew because without them this wouldn’t have been possible!

TaCaGo & ly

SugaWet-SidePonyNation (Official Video)

Underneath the Mistletoe (Oh Santa baby)

We are super happy to wish you a Merry Christmas in true SidePonyNation style.  In 2008 we posted our first Christmas musical medley, LyT Christms Medley 2008. This was one of our first videos ever posted…this was before we had even established the name SidePonyNation!  Check out the song here.

Now, 2 years later, we have another great tune for you to enjoy while you sip eggnog and roast chestnuts.


Love SidePonyNation

SidePonyNation leading the way in InDiscover Star Search

We are receiving a ton of attention for our hit song Flyer on the InDiscover Star Search. The competition runs to the end of December when votes from fans determine what new talent will be signed to the In Discover record label.

Top 5 will be chosen on December 15th and SidePonyNation is currently ranked in FIRST!

To all our fans, THANK YOU for all your support. We ask that you continue to vote daily for the remainder of the competition. If we win this record deal then we will have the opportunity to explore so many more venues and experiment with new sounds, instruments, and technology. We just bought a microphone and camcorder and plan to continue building our online presences and we want you to come with us for the ride.

SidePonyNation is in the HOUSE, that’s for sure!

SidePonyNation is Competitor of the week!

As most of you know we have entered the inDiscover Star Search! We have been promoting hard and all you amazing fans have been voting even harder! This week we got the TOP SPOT so the great peeps at inDiscover interviewed us! Please check it out here!

Also today is the last day to vote so please vote like you have never voted before!!! Vote here!

Thanks so much everyone! We’ll keep you posted on our progress!!!!